1983-Spring ’19 Class Letter

Class Agent: Barb Williams Clay

[email protected]

Spring 2019

Greetings Class of 1983!

Minnesota is digging out of a February record snowfall totaling 39 inches. We are looking forward to spring and the summer months ahead. The Ripon women’s basketball team braved the March snow storm to play in the first round of the NCAA Division III tournament. While the results were not what we would have liked, it was quite an accomplishment to win the conference and be a part of the tournament.

I just returned from a work trip in Napa and while the wine was amazing, the weather was quite wet, dreary, but much warmer than Minnesota. Having only been with the company (RGA) for six months, it was fun to uncover that one of the lead clients attending the forum, John Anderson, was from the class of 1989 and Phi Delt like John to boot. My job is taking me to Paris in April where I plan on meeting up with PAUL EVENSEN ’83 to tour Paris from the perspective of a local.    

Just before heading to Paris, I’ll be returning from a quick family trip to Colorado to attend my first Ripon Alumni Board meeting. The class of ’83 is well represented with LEXIE SHEPARD KERMANI ’83 (assigned to be my mentor ☺), KEVIN DYKSTRA ’83, and ROBERT BRANDFASS ’83.  Looking forward to serving on the board and engaging with the Ripon community.

Save the Date for #OneDayRally, May 1. Last year the goal was 425 donors and ended up with 940! Our goal for 2019 is 1,035 donors! One of our class goals is to increase our participation rate so please consider giving as every donation helps no matter the amount.  

Thanks for the privilege of being your Class Agent and take advantage of the springtime headed our way.


Barb Williams Clay

Class Agent 1983