1983 – Fall ’20 Class Letter


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Greetings Class of 1983 – 

It’s been a while since we last connected and what a difference a year can make. JOHN CLAY ’83 is managing through the challenges of distance learning and working through constant change. It’s hard on all involved and especially for the kids. I am thankful to be working from home for RGA. It has been an amazing company, has been strong on retaining the workforce, and getting more involved in social justice.  

We got a chance to see our kids this summer and we were so grateful for that opportunity. It was more than a half year which is the longest we have gone without seeing them. This along with so many other situations will make the stories to be told in years to come. 

Here are the updates for Ripon at the time that this letter is written:

  • #OneDayRally (ODR) was a wonderful success with a total of $1,918,598 raised for the college from 2,015 donors. The Class of 1983 has been consistently strong in giving with 32 participants raising $499,064 for ODR and 15 participants supporting the emergency assistance fund. This support is especially appreciated during these unprecedented times. 
  • Students will be returning in the fall with Reunite Ripon precautions to ensure safety for all.
  • Ripon has been supporting connections with alumni and current students through the R Connections Webinar Series to assist in navigating the pandemic along with many other topics. Check out the schedule and you can watch the recorded webinars at your convenience.
  • The Alumni Board continues to meet via Zoom with a focus on supporting our current students and alumni connections. 

We have such an amazing class with so many making impacts.

LAWRENCE D. HUEBNER ’83 of Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, writes, “I was fortunate to have received two special NASA awards during the past year. The first was the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) Director’s Award. This award honors individuals for defending a technical position that conflicts with the Program or Organization’s initial or prevailing engineering perspectives, and for taking personal initiative to foster clear and open communication and resolve controversial issues. It was awarded to me in recognition of outstanding achievement of upholding the guiding principles of the NESC in leading the Boeing Commercial Crew Program Aerosciences Peer Review Team. The second award was for NASA Exceptional Service medal.”  

Thanks for the privilege of being your Class Agent and please take time to look for the blessings that come your way.