1982 Spring ’23 Class Letter

Hello Class of 1982,

We hope that this letter finds you are healthy and happy! It’s good to be able to touch base after winter and share some of our classmates’ news and also news from Ripon College.

Please put June 22-25, 2023, on your calendar for our upcoming Alumni Weekend! Even though we are not celebrating a milestone reunion, it is always fun to come back to campus and take that trip down memory lane. There are sure to be a number of us in attendance, even on an off year, and we welcome all of you to join in on the fun that we always seem to find!

Make your hotel reservations soon so you don’t miss out. Here are some useful numbers:

Boarders Inn and Suites, (920) 748-7578
Cobblestone Suites, (507) 433-9797
Heidel House, (920) 807-0300

Thank you to all classmates who supported Ripon College financially this past fiscal year! Support to the Ripon Fund, #OneDayRally, the 1851 Club and Planned Giving make a huge difference in the lives of current and future students. Remember that many corporations match their employee’s charitable giving efforts.

#OneDayRally will look a little different this year. There will be a special giving event in conjunction with inauguration weekend, April 20-23, to celebrate Ripon’s 14th President, Victoria N. Folse and the exciting momentum happening within the campus community. This event will be an extension of the #OneDayRally brand and experience. Stay tuned for more information and plan to participate if you can.

Class News

KRISTIN KOHLES JANSSEN ’82: “We downsized and moved in August to a ranch style home. We’re busy with updating projects. I did a girls’ trip to Uganda and went on chimpanzee & gorilla treks, as well as white water rafting down the Nile River. Then DAVE ’81 & I went to Egypt and had an incredible experience exploring temples, pyramids & the Sphinx. Our son, Geoff, and fiancée Cleopatra, got married on New Years’ Eve in Colorado. It was a great way to end 2022 and ring in 2023!”          

BRIAN LECLAIRE ’82 will be inducted into the MSIS Cloud of Honor. The Cloud of Honor was established in 2022 to recognize and honor graduates from Oklahoma State University’s information systems programs.

KRISTIN RASMUSSEN OLSON ’82 and husband, Eric, welcomed their first grandbaby in early December. “At two months old, our grandson, Levi, recognizes us and gives us plenty of smiles. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Keep on smiling!

Your Class Agents,

Kristen ’82

Peter ’82