1982-Spring ’19 Class Letter

Class Agents:

Cathy Lothrop Hager

[email protected]

Cell: 925-984-9713

Peter Hintz

[email protected]

Cell: 920-229-4399

Kristen Rasmussen Olson

[email protected]

Cell: 507-279-1091

Spring 2019

Dear Class of 82:


Your Class Agents hope you are all well, and by the time you get this letter, you will have dried out if you are in the west, shoveled out and warmed up if you are anywhere east of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, and seen some signs of spring. For some, it is the impending baseball season. For others, even just seeing a few blades of green grass and buds on the trees mean that winter may end soon!


As agents, we need to encourage you to continue your wonderful giving. At our 35th reunion in 2017 we raised $62,692 and 40% participation – 3rd largest gift (after the 50th and 45th classes). It was DOUBLE our 30th reunion total of $31,000! And the icing on the cake is that our classmates gave even more in 2018 ($76,000) – hopefully that impressive upward trend will continue. It’s one thing to have a great reunion gift, but it’s something special to hold it the following year and even increase it. And don’t forget the Legacy Society – a way to remember Ripon in our estate planning. Not a fun subject, but something I am sure most of us have had to deal with at this stage of our lives. And if you need a special day to give, put May 1 on your calendar for Ripon’s 2nd Annual Giving Day. It was a huge success last year. It also happens to be my Cathy’s husbands birthday – easy for her to remember and well before the June 30th deadline for the fiscal year.


If you are near Ripon at Alumni Weekend this summer, June 27-30, drop on in! We can congratulate WILLIAM FIEDLER ’82 for being inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame on Friday night at the 1851 Alumni Awards Program. You can go to the All Classes Reception that we started and has now become a staple. We don’t have a reunion year, but we can plan a gathering of some kind. I (Cathy) am not sure I can make it, but Peter and Kristen plan to go and will gather the troops for a dinner out! We are so interconnected to other classes you can drop in on other classes or meet up with them later. The classes of 1979 and 1984 are having their reunions and would love to see some of us as well. Also, if you make it to the Green Lake/Ripon Area before May 20th, Heidel House is closing on May 20th. There are some great memories there as well. It has been up for sale for a while with no buyers.  


Do you have a favorite memory, professor, or event of your time in Ripon? Those have been featured in some of the Ripon magazines. We would love to hear what yours are and incorporate them into our letter. Just let us know at any of the emails above.


The last thing we would like is for you to please, please make sure your contact information is up to date, particularly your email address. We don’t have any classmate news to share right now. Please let Ripon know ([email protected]) your most current email address if you haven’t already.


Our next letter will be right after Alumni Weekend, where we will recap the events. The letters that are full of classmate news are the best (for Cathy, anyway).  


All the best,


  Cathy, Peter, Kristen