1982–Fall ’18 Class Letter


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Peter Hintz
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Dear Classmates from 1982,


Greetings from your class agents!


I (Peter Hintz) write this letter after attending Alumni Weekend 2018 in June. This year was our 36th reunion, so it wasn’t as big of a draw for our class as last year. However, those who attended had a great time, including KRISTEN RASMUSSEN OLSON ’82, LAUREL STEWART ’82, PETRA JONES-TRUJILLO ’82, NANCY BUCK HINTZ ’82 and me. Thanks to all of you who donated to our class gift. The college truly appreciates and is humbled by the generosity of alumni. While our class gift was little smaller this year, our 35th reunion class gift was an impressive $62,692, with 52 donors, 40% participation and over 22 Class of 1982 attendees! Our reunion attendance last year was impressive for a 35th reunion!


Just like last year, on Friday of Alumni Weekend, the Alumni Awards Dinner was held, as well as, the All-Alumni Reception, which was moved this year from Hughes House to The Spot (formerly the Pub). For those of you who have not been back in a while, the Pub has been refurbished, expanded and updated to an open student-friendly gathering place. Many people gather at the fire pit outside the Commons across from the old Memorial Gym (now a green space called “Memorial Tent Space,” during Alumni Weekend). Since the streets have been closed, this area makes for a nice large gathering space, where all classes come together, get reconnected, and share stories. I met up Friday night with JEFF PENNEY ’80, whose son was visiting for the alumni lacrosse game (held on upper Sadoff field on Saturday). He was trying to explain to his son his experience here at Ripon and the interesting sense of community we all shared through events like Springfest, all campus parties, a student-run radio station, Greek activities, and epic pranks. “Knowing everyone” is a unique experience of college days at Ripon, and attending a reunion is a fun way to celebrate that experience.


Alumni Weekend is also an opportunity to visit with your old professors. This year, I had the pleasure of seeing Norm Loomer and Paul Shoofs. Professor Schoofs told me this coming school year will be his last before he retires. Another end of an era. I will particularly miss him. I took his classes when I was there. He advised me as an economics major, and I now have the opportunity to teach economics myself at Green Lake High School in neighboring Green Lake, west of Ripon, where I live.


When you attend Alumni Weekend, you also get the chance to talk with other alumni from different years (or eras!). The “That was then…” program at the library on Saturday morning is attended informally by alumni of all ages and never disappoints. This year, we talked about “Convocation points” you could earn for attendance at cultural events in the 1960’s, and alumni gave their memories of seeing performers who came to campus, such as Duke Ellington and John Denver, for example, as well as great commencement speakers. We brainstormed but could not recall our speaker – it was too hot that afternoon! We also shared memories of Dr. Martz, who passed away recently, as well. His challenging classes were certainly thought provoking. Some of you English majors like me (my second major) appreciated how he limited you to two pages to discuss a Shakespeare play, which required disciplined succinctness. Some of you science students who took Professor Brooks were deducted a ½ point for each spelling error. Now that’s just not “write,” if you ask me.


We also shared memories of AL JARREAU ’62, who passed away last year, but came to Alumni Weekend six years ago in 2012, to celebrate his 50th reunion. You may not know that he would often give a shout out to Ripon College and any alumni attendees at his concerts. FRED HERSOM ‘82 and I attended that reunion and the two of us had a chance to talk to him for a while. Nice guy.


On Saturday afternoon, KRIS RASMUSSEN OLSON ’82, LAUREL STEWART ’82, PETRA JONES-TRUJILLO ’82, CINDY TRAYNOR ‘81 and I wandered through the campus visiting the new Wilmore Center, Demmer Hall, East and West Halls, Todd Wehr, Farr Hall, Memorial Union, Tri-Dorms and Johnson Hall. It is quite a trip down memory lane to see what’s changed and what is still the same, and to remember what classes you had and where. I recall my first class in the fall of 1978 was Introduction to psychology with Professor Young in Todd Wehr 104 (the big room) at 9:00 a.m. Kris recalled falling down the steps of Todd Wehr! Do you recall your first class at Ripon College?


Kris said that she particularly enjoyed looking through Tri Dorms and Johnson Hall and recalling move-in day. She actually got to see her old room last weekend, Evans 204, and realized that it wasn’t nearly as small as she recalled! With her youngest entering college in the fall, she has a flood of memories coming back and talked about that first exciting day sitting in Evans Hall’s lounge meeting her classmates and her advisor (Dr. Mary Williams Norton) for the first time.


After the alumni class reunions on Saturday night (do your own thing if it is not your reunion year, like we did–hard to beat a drink on the patio at The Heidel House and some great Italian food at Christianos in Green Lake!), Saturday concludes with an all-alumni party in the tent with music and dancing for all from 8 – midnight. It was fun to talk to classmates and to those from so many different classes.


Even if you do not feel particularly outgoing, you will find something you like at Alumni Weekend. There are many more activities I didn’t mention, such as the Doc Weiske ‘50 Memorial Golf Scramble, the Rally Run, the Greek socials, the Class March and lunch, campus tours, the prairie walk, wine tastings at Vines & Rushes, to name a few. Check out the College’s Facebook page for pictures!


As I mentioned in my class letter, we are welcome any news from all of you, and wish you all health and happiness. Our new big reunion is our 40th, only four years away. If any of you would like to assist in the planning or offer ideas, please let us know.




Your Class Agents,