1982 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Dear Class of 1982,

Fall is finally upon us! I can’t believe that here in Minnesota we went from temperatures in the 100s in the daytime to the cool 50s at night, all in the matter of a day or two! I’m looking forward to the crispy air and pretty landscapes of autumn, even if it does usher in some cold Minnesota weather and snow! Hopefully, you have all had some great times over the summer with family, friends, nature or whatever you require to refresh!

Alumni Weekend had a good turnout again this summer. While it wasn’t a big reunion year for the Class of ’82, we had a few classmates in attendance, including JULIE PSYCHER FELLINGER ’82, PETRA JONES-TRUJILLO ’82 and KEVIN OSADJAN ’82. Mark your calendars for the fourth weekend in June 20-23, 2024 if you want to make a trip to see campus updates and connect with some of our classmates!


The college writes, “Ripon College formally launches the Forever Ripon campaign, a $75 million effort to expand access through student affordability and innovative programs, enhance our facilities, and strengthen our institution through the Ripon Fund. This campaign will prepare Ripon for the celebration of our 175th anniversary in 2026, adapt to an evolving higher education landscape and ensure a Ripon College degree is relevant for generations to come. Please see ripon.edu/forever-ripon/ for more information.”

The three funding priorities are as follows:

Endowment Growth

  • Creating Access
  • Curricular Development and Innovation

Facility Enhancement

  • Franzen Science Center, Hopp Stadium and Residence Hall Upgrades

Ripon Fund

As part of this campaign, Farr Hall of Science is undergoing a serious renovation. The newly named Franzen Science Center will be a complete renovation and will include instrumentation upgrades, more than 19,000 square feet of new construction and 68,500 square feet of renovation and expansion. The football and soccer teams will play in a new 157,000-square-foot Hopp stadium. In addition, this mixed-use space will provide a setting for concerts, intramurals and other student and community activities. What’s more, planned upgrades to the residence halls will enhance the campus living experience for all Ripon College students. This is necessary, but bittersweet for those of us who loved the charm of the old dorm rooms! To learn more, visit ripon.edu/infrastructure/.

Thanks to all who supported Ripon College this past fiscal year, whether you chose the Ripon Fund or Ripon Rally Days (formerly #OneDayRally). It is never too late to send a donation in support of all the college’s efforts. To donate, please visit alumni.ripon.edu/give/make-a-gift/.

If you’re wondering what any of our old professors are up to, check out the faculty news at ripon.edu/category/faculty/. We see fewer and fewer familiar faces here.


We are always happy to share news from classmates who want to let you know what they’ve been up to. See the following information about some of our friends.

STEVE SHEA ’82 writes, “My wife, Laura, and I met CHRIS BENDER STARGARDT ’82 and her daughter at Milwaukee Irish Fest for music, tea, and scones. We convinced her to attend at last year’s reunion.”

A group of people sitting at a tableDescription automatically generatedSTEVE also shares, “On vacation, Laura and I returned to Ireland. There is no country in the world that loves Americans more than Ireland. We arrived on the weekend of the All-Ireland Football final, their equivalent of the Super Bowl. We attended a poignant memorial service for Sinead O’Connor. Attendees ranged from non-conformists to families with little kids. We visited historic Dublin pubs. In the countryside, we visited castles, churches, and abbey ruins. In Co. Tipperary, we stayed at a Regency era manor house. One could imagine Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett pulling up at the gate in a horse and carriage. (Yes, I took English Novel with Professor Ashley).”

LINDA JENSEN HALL ’82 shares, “KEVIN HALL ’82 and I retired on July 1, 2022. We are enjoying the feeling of retirement where every day is like a Saturday. This spring we were able to get our garden planted with flowers, and the front yard looks amazing (if only we could keep the deer from eating the hostas)! I’m working on training a bonsai, and training our two-year-old Sheltie for scent work. Both projects are a work in progress. Kevin is volunteering his time with the local pickleball club. It’s been a good summer with lots of sunshine and sweet corn. Thinking of all of you.”
Greg and Teri Cox in Alaska.

GREG COX ’82 writes, “TERI SVITASKY COX ’82 and I went to Alaska in August and had a great time.”

SIOBHAN CHAMP-BLACKWELL ’82 writes, “In July this year, I was accepted as a 13th Generation Lineage holder of Chen Style Taiji (Tai Chi) along with 14 other students in my school. We were fortunate to have our teacher’s teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglai, come from the Chen Village in Wen County, Henan Province China to Kansas City, Missouri, for our ceremony. You can read more about it here threedragonsway.com/grandmaster-visit. Attached are two photos, one of me with my teachers, Gary Huff and Kejia Lu, and one of me receiving corrections on my Lao Jia form from Grandmaster Chen Zhenglai.”

A group of people sitting on a benchDescription automatically generatedSiobhan Champ-Blackwell with instructor

KRISTEN RASMUSSEN OLSON ’82 writes, “We have found that being grandparents is incredibly special. We are fortunate to have our daughter’s family living close by, so we have regular visits with the little tyke, Levi. Also, our youngest graduated from UW-Eau Claire in the spring and is working in Rochester as a management trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We are cherishing our family memories with both our kids close by.

CATHY LOTHROP HAGER ’82 writes, “Our family vacationed in Maui, near Lahaina about a month before the fires. We are devastated by the utter destruction.A sunset over a body of waterDescription automatically generatedA rainbow in the skyDescription automatically generated

Here are two pictures from July 2023, specifically in Lahaina at sunset. It is a special place and we are hoping for healing for the island and community.”

A group of people standing togetherDescription automatically generatedPETER HINTZ ’82 writes, “NANCY BUCK HINTZ ’82 and I are enjoying the Rochester, MN, community after moving here in 2021. Nancy is Director of Development and Engagement at Seasons Hospice, and I just began a new career as a staff attorney with Rochester Title. After teaching for 18 years, I have reinvented myself and begin a new chapter as an attorney again. Funny where life takes you. 

(Pictured from left: Eric Olson, Kristen Rasmussen Olson ’82, Nancy Buck Hintz ‘82, Peter Hintz ’82)

We are enjoying being in closer proximity to our family and are enjoying time with our grandchildren. We are also having fun meeting up with KRISTEN RASMUSSEN OLSON ’82 and Eric Olson, who live nearby.

Nancy and I welcome any of you to contact us if you find yourselves in the Rochester area.”

That’s it for now. If you’re ever in the Rochester or Austin, Minnesota, vicinity look us up! The Olson’s and the Hintz’s are always up for reconnecting with classmates!


Kristen ’82

Peter ’82