1981-Spring ’19 Class Letter

Class Agent: Larry Nikolaus

[email protected]

Spring 2019

Class of ’81,

As hard as it may be to believe, It has been almost 38 years since we received our diplomas. In November, a number of the Delta Upsilon alumni gathered for their annual dinner near Madison, Wisconsin. It was attended by BILL KRIESE ’81, JONATHAN STERLING ’80, BOB GRANT ’79, DAN BESTUL ’80, JOE BESTUL ’84, and PHIL OUELLETTE ’80.

Here is some news from our classmates:

LARRY ’81 and KATHY HARBUT NIKOLAUS ’81 of Colorado Springs, Colorado, write, “We are enjoying our 15th year living in Colorado Springs since retiring from the AF. With our youngest off to college we are learning to be empty nesters and enjoying all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. Kathy is working at a Physical Therapist doing outpatient orthopedics and I am in my 15th year working for MITRE as a systems engineer supporting the AF’s missile warning radars. I continue to be involved in the scouting program and has been a Scoutmaster for 15 years.”  

MARY FROH DOERS ’81 of McFarland, Wisconsin, writes, “I am still married to my high-school sweetheart, Randy, and this December we will be celebrating 40 years of marriage! We have two wonderful daughters, our oldest will be getting married this month in Brooklyn New York. Our younger daughter will be moving out to LA next month – yup, one on each coast! I am still working at Promega in Fitchburg, WI, where I am the Senior Director of Manufacturing Operations. No retirement in the near future quite yet! I’d love to meet up with some Class of 81 alumni in the Madison area!”

TOM ABENDROTH ’81 of Evanston, Illinois, writes, “Terri and I are anticipating the big 60 this year with lots of plans and no immediate intent to slow down. Our two daughters are out of college and working (Eliza) or in grad school (Kate and it’s Northwestern Law). We get to escape on short notice and have a little fun in between days practicing law. We got some horseback riding in Tucson over Presidents Day. We plan to celebrate our 60th with a bike trip in Bordeaux and a week in Paris. Life is good.”

ANDY ’81 and SUE ANGELL SCHMIDT ’80 of Wausau, Wisconsin, write that Andy spends time in the woods with our John Deere tractor and a 1978 Ford pickup with a dump bed, replacing culverts and building roads. The land is being logged this winter. We are excited to see the new growth in the spring.  If that isn’t enough to keep us busy, we replaced the deck at our house. The deck is finished but the stone walk needs a bit more work. Mother Nature brought colder temperatures early this year; we will finish the project in 2019.


Until next time,