1980 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Memory Lane Reflection
It’s Been 43 Years Since Mount St. Helen’s Erupted
The Ripon College Class of 1980 Graduated!

Greetings Fellow Classmates,

Please do not faint.

Yes…Here’s my Class Agent letter – Hope you are all doing well.  Welcome to 65 for those of you there and for those not quite there enjoy yet another life milestone.

News from Ripon College

Forever Ripon Campaign
Ripon College formally launches the Forever Ripon campaign, a $75 million effort to expand access through student affordability and innovative programs, enhance our facilities, and strengthen our institution through the Ripon Fund. This campaign will prepare Ripon for the celebration of our 175th anniversary in 2026, adapt to an evolving higher education landscape and ensure a Ripon College degree is relevant for generations to come. For more information check out the Ripon College website here.

Class Obits

NANCY J. SAFEBLADE ’80 of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, died June 23, 2023. At Ripon, she studied politics and government. She worked as a nanny in France, in a kibbutz in Israel and as a nurse’s aide for many years. She enjoyed reading, swimming, sailing, hiking and camping. Survivors include her mother, Evelyn Safeblade; and siblings, including DAVID E. SAFEBLADE ’81.

Class Notes

I’ll share some of the tidbits of information that I have received and am aware of.  

If you ever have any information, please just call me, text me or email me at [email protected] or [email protected].

BILL QUISTORF ’80: “Hi, Just a note for the alumni news. I was recently honored with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal. This was awarded in recognition of our Helicopter Rescue Team completing the most challenging rescue missions of my career. Strong winds and mountain turbulence nearly prevented the rescue of this young man who was trapped by a two ton boulder, high up in the Cascade mountains.”

KATHY GOODBOUT ’80, ROBERTA (BERT) KOHLHAGEN ’80, and PEGGY GERO DAVALT ’80 have continued to do their weekly Zoom meetings on Tuesday evenings, which started back in 2020. Anyone can join if they would like. Reach out to PEGGY, BERT, or KATHY for the Zoom link. They meet from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  One of the highlights of the evening is the “Long Wisconsin Good-bye.”

Please remember there is a Facebook Group Page for this Class – it’s under Ripon College (WI) Class of 1980 (facebook.com/groups/283209381878413).  

LISA HEIMLER ’80, KATHY GOODBOUT ’80, and PEGGY DAVALT ’80 met for dinner at a Wisconsin Supper Club known as Feil’s in Randolph, WI in April. It was so much fun!! Great food, friendship and a 50’ salad bar made it all fantastic!! (Right, Goodbout??)

KATHY GOODBOUT ’80 and LISA HEIMLER ’80 enjoyed a cruise to Portugal earlier this year. It was a beautiful cruise and their photos delightful. So relaxing for sure!!

This is older news from SUSAN ANGELL SCHMIDT ’80 and ANDREW SCHMIDT ’81: “First, our son, Alex, graduated from UW Madison’s School of Law. He is the fourth generation, fifth Schmidt to be an attorney. We are very proud of him.

Andrew and I also contributed to the first dog park for Wausau, Wisconsin. This summer we can finally take our dog, Topaz, for a run in our city’s new dog park.”

That’s a wrap!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life and living it fully!

From Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, this incredible quote – 

Gradually, as you become curator of your own contentment, you will learn to embrace the gentle yearnings of your heart.

Celebrate everything,

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Peggy ’80