1977-Spring ’19 Class Letter


Class Agent: Alan N Lawrence ’77

[email protected] / 920-730-9515

Spring 2019

Dear 1977 Classmates:


Many of the classes from Ripon College have been using Facebook to successfully help classmates (and friends from other classes) keep in touch. I’d been wondering about this for our class. It finally took a note from MARYJO MACSWAIN ’77 telling me she thought it would be good for our class. She also agreed to co-administrator a class page with me.


So, we now have a Facebook page for OUR class. If you use Facebook please visit it and click the LIKE button. That will help ensure that you see news from your college and former classmates. If you don’t already use Facebook then I urge you to sign up (it’s free). This is our address:  https://www.facebook.com/RiponCollegeClassof1977. As you visit our page please leave a posting about yourself.


Because MaryJo and I are now Facebook friends I’ve been able to “follow” her recent grand adventure to Argentina and Chile. Join our page and ask her how it worked out.


Our Alumni Office shared this note from a classmate.


LAIRD DECRAMER ’77 and LINDA GLAUBITZ DECRAMER ’89 of Princeton, Wisconsin, write, “The Ripon tradition continues as both our children are matriculating at Ripon. CALLISTA ’20 is a junior and SULLIVAN ’21 is a sophomore. So glad they are having the “Ripon” experience.”


That reminds me that two of my daughters graduated from Ripon College. One of them recently added a granddaughter to my family, and the other is engaged to a member of her Class of 2014.


I know that some of you have already taken retirement, or early-retirement.  At 64 I’m feeling within sight of the time, though I haven’t set a goal date yet.  How is it working out for those of you who have retired, and for those still planning for it?


Alumni Weekend happens every June, regardless of whether it is one of our special anniversary years. Our next 5th anniversary reunion is in 2022. I plan to attend the Alumni Weekend this year on June 29. I hope to see some of you there. Because I have friends in other class years I always have a good time.


Please send news about yourself either to the college or to me to be shared in our next class letter. Always remember that your financial help is very important to help keep Ripon a competitive and quality institution. Your donations are important every year. Please consider making a gift to Ripon College this year. Your participation is very important.


Please write back to me or to the alumni office at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.


Always for Ripon,