1977–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Alan Lawrence

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Although I failed to make it to Alumni Weekend this summer, at least six from our class were there:  LARRY MALCHOW ’77, TOM KLOOSTERBOER ’77, NINA WULFF ’77, CONNIE JESS ZOLKOSKE ’77, MARYJO MACSWAIN ’77, and JEAN BLACK ’77. These are always fun events and I look forward to my next opportunity to be on campus again. It will be nearly four more years until our class celebrates its 45th anniversary during Alumni Weekend, but we are invited every year to participate in the weekend. There is plenty to do and enjoy even without “our” class reunion.


Notes about some class members:


ED MORRELL ’77 of Northfield, Illinois, writes, “Married to PATRICIA KRUG MORRELL ’78 for 41 years! She continues as interior designer but dedicates a lot of time to working with La Casa Norte supporting homeless youth. We are expecting our first and second grandchildren in April and July.”


ELENA ZIBUTE KEZELIS ’77 of Springfield, Illinois, writes, “After practicing law in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois and serving for the last 14 years as executive director of a hospital foundation, I have retired. Our oldest son got married in 2017, and our youngest graduated from college and has been traveling all over the world. We are traveling much more as well (Australia, New Zealand, Galapagos) and finally making good use of our house in Southwest Florida. I might even learn how to golf!”


PAULA STELLMACHER KUBINCHAK ’77 of Queen Creek, Arizona, writes, “Life has recently changed dramatically for me! I remarried in 2015 to an amazing Canadian, and we decided to get back into horses after 50+ years of not riding or owning. We now live at the Lazy K Ranch in Queen Creek, Arizona, with our 2 riding horses and 2 mini-horses that pull a cart. Life is perfect! We have 12 grandchildren between the 2 of us. Every one of them is a special gift.”


I happen to still be working as an IT worker in Greenville, Wisconsin. Retirement looks inviting, but I think I’ll be working a while yet.  And, for now, I’m working hard helping my wife in her campaign for State Assembly. She has a primary, so we are worried about the August election.


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