1971–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Class Agent:

Jim Beisner

770-227-2410 / [email protected]

Spring 2018

Greetings Class of 1971,

It is hard to believe another school year has about passed by. One thing I do know is Ripon is still providing the same quality education we experienced so many years ago. Our continued financial support of this vital mission will ensure incoming classes will experience the best quality education possible. There is a change to the publication process coming this fall: R Connections, the semiannual newsletter, will become an annual fall publication. Obituaries are going back to the Ripon Magazine starting in July 2018 and will no longer be included in R Connections.


Here is some class news:


MARY MCNALLY ’71 of Seattle, Washington, writes, “I retired for two years and then returned to work in fiscal budgeting for the University of Washington. I am loving this second career!”


As we look back at our experiences at Ripon, we can all see the benefits we derived from that special time. In some way, the Annual Fund assisted all of us. It underwrites all aspects of yearly operations, including, but not limited to, laboratory supplies, technological innovations, library resources, faculty support, financial aid and scholarships, athletics, opportunities to study abroad, the arts and facilities. I urge your consideration to increase this year’s gift in recognition of all we have accomplished because of Ripon College.  


Always for Ripon,