1971–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Jim Beisner

770-570-7725 / [email protected]


Greetings, Class of 1971!


Here’s to another great year!


It is hard to believe we were starting our freshman year fifty long years ago, just as the Class of

2022 is doing now. Where did the time go? I remember very well my first few weeks of getting

acclimated to classes and the campus as if it was just yesterday. Although there is a large time

gap between our start and theirs, the quality of education has not changed in all those years.

Through the support of our time, talents, and treasures, Ripon College has maintained a superb

educational experience. The update on current college activities along with honors of graduates

and faculty as noted below, continue to show the excellent contribution Ripon makes to the

nation and State of Wisconsin.


JOHN “BEAUX” LEONARD ’70 writes, “After graduation I spent a year in Denver, Colorado.

I returned to Boston in the spring of 1971. I rented an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts

with JOHN “SHADOW” THOMPSON ’71, MICHAEL PETERSON ’72 (would be class of ’72 who left

school following his junior year), and M. Greely (Mike) Summers, who attended Ripon for only

the ’70-’71 year before transferring to Boston University. We took in Trustee JOHN

“RALPH” WOLFE ’69 when he returned from the Army, Germany, and we have remained close

friends since. 69 Magazine Street in Cambridge was a fun time for a couple of years; many

stories. It was interesting answering the phone with 3 Johns and 2 Mikes in the house.”


As we look back at our experiences at Ripon, we can all see the benefits we derived from that

special time. In some way, the Annual Fund assisted all of us. It under writes all aspects of

yearly operations, including but not limited to laboratory supplies, technological innovations,

library resources, faculty support, financial aid and scholarships, athletics, opportunities to study

abroad, the arts, and facilities. I urge your consideration to increase this year’s gift in recognition

of all we have accomplished as a result of Ripon College. If you gave below the Heritage

Society level ($150-$499), consider giving at that level. If you give at one of the society levels, think about

increasing your gift annually to eventually elevating to the next highest society.