1968 – Spring ’20 Class Letter


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Dear Classmates: For the last 51 years, I, like you, have opened and read our class letters and noted the goings on at the college and in the lives of our classmates. I did not give much thought to the process of being the class agent or how they did what they do. With this letter I begin that process but not without thanking BOB MARTIN ’68 for his years of service to our class and for his confidence in me to do the same. This thanks also goes to those who came before Bob as class agent.

As I write this, Ripon has just celebrated it’s 169th birthday on Founders Day, January 29th. While the College was founded in 1851, a little over one hundred years later Fred Pinkham became Ripon’s eighth president and served from 1955 to 1965. He was our president as we arrived as freshmen in September of 1964. Doctor Pinkham recently passed away at age 99. When he became president at age 34, he was one of the youngest college presidents in the nation.

If you did not make it to our 50th class reunion, you may not yet have seen the Wilmore Center. This state-of-the art athletic facility is a wonderful addition to our campus. Back in the day, I remember how impressed we were with the opening of the Storzer Center during our senior year. 

Last fall, President Zach Messitte reminded us “Ripon College is doing something remarkable. We are delivering a private school education at a public school price”. This is thanks to a community effort and a big part of that community is you, Ripon’s loyal and generous alumni. 

Fundraising is an ongoing activity at Ripon with the Ripon Fund as the annual centerpiece. In 2018-2019 the more than 2.6 million raised was the largest total in more than two decades and the #OneDayRally pulled in $1,085,314 from 1,446 donors. Thanks to all class of ’68 members who contributed. We always make a strong showing!

“The Spot” lives! Well, sort of. “Bud & Marilyn’s” opened a second location in September of 2019, this one at Philadelphia International Airport. The Midwest supper club concept restaurant is co-owned by Marcie Turney, granddaughter of Bud and MARILYN FORTNUM BRIESE ’43, who owned and ran “The Spot” in our day. It includes some old “Spot” paraphernalia on the walls. I still remember Marilyn at the foot of the steps every September with her “Green List” in hand checking the ages of the new crop of freshmen and turning away a few.

Obituaries: We recently learned of the August 2018 passing of HARVEY B. FULLER IV ’68. At Ripon, Harvey was a Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota English major.

More recently, DIANN WATERBURY GRAEBER ’68 passed away on October 17, 2019. Diann is survived by her husband, our classmate, Dr. Charles Graeber and two sons, Charlie and Matthew and their families. 

When you have news to share, just send it to me or to the Office of Constituent Engagement ([email protected]) or online at www.ripon.edu/rconnections.

DAVID C. SMITH ’68, of Kennebunk Maine, writes, “Teaching Financial Literacy, City Planning and Entrepreneurship to 41 3rd graders at Sea Road School, Kennebunk, ME. Very involved, too busy”.

BOB MARTIN ’68 sent a photo, which will be uploaded as a separate post in R Connections, from a breakfast at the White Dog Café in Philadelphia last fall with his wife Janet and BILL ’69 and DIANE KING MIKOLYZK ’68. Bill and Diane also ate at the first “Bud and Marilyn’s” while visiting the city.

Best Wishes,