1969 – Fall ’21 Class Letter

1969 Fall 2021 Class Letter

1969 – Fall 2021 Class Letter


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(630) 632-1619 / [email protected]


Hello Everyone!


It’s late August and summer is fading. Fall will soon be here. I hope you all had chances to do things outside this summer that weren’t possible last summer due to the continuing pandemic. CYNTHIA SANBORN NYQUIST ’69 and I are fortunate to live in Florida where there is summer pretty much all year round, but it was disappointing to not be able to travel like we usually do. We missed Alumni Weekend this year so we have not been to Ripon’s campus since our class’s Golden R Reunion in 2019.


August means the start of school, so I thought I would dedicate my class letter to giving you some information about Ripon College. Here are some FAQs you guys often ask me, with the corresponding answers:


Q: How much does it cost to attend Ripon College for the 2021-2022 school year?

A: Tuition $47,800

Room (Double) $4,530

Board $4,560

Activity Fee $  300

Total Annual Cost $57,190


However, 100% of Ripon students receive financial aid.

The average student pays about $22,000 after receiving aid.


Q: What is the size of the student body at Ripon today?

A: 812


Q: How many students are there in the incoming class of freshmen (class of 2025)?

A: There are 241 first-year students and ten transfer students.


Q: What are the demographics of the entering class?

A: The entering class comes from 24 states and two foreign countries. COVID-19 restrictions have limited the number of students from foreign countries. Gender breakdown: 48% female, 52% male, as well as one openly non-binary student and one openly transgender student. 


Q: What is the size of Ripon’s endowment?

A: It recently hit an all-time high of $112 million!


Q: What was the total given to Ripon College, including to the Ripon Fund, for the fiscal year ending June 30th?

A: $10.943 million


Q: Who is the current Chair of the Ripon College Board of Trustees? 



Q: Any news about the town of Ripon?

A: On July 28th, a storm with 80 mph straight line winds knocked down many trees and power lines. Most of Ripon was without electricity for hours and a few locations for days. No injuries or deaths occurred within the city limits. Ripon College sustained only minimal damage, primarily downed tree limbs, although the College closed for a day until power was back on.


Q: Are there any construction projects underway on the campus?

A: The McCullough Family Lounge in Farr Hall of Science – a favorite location of students for studying and collaborative work — recently received an extreme makeover with the intent of making the space more contemporary and technologically friendly. The renovations were made possible by a lead gift from Trustee PHILIP K. MCCULLOUGH ’69, and his wife, Pat. (FYI, Phil is not only an alum and Trustee but also the proud father of KRISTEN MCCULLOUGH GRANCHALEK ’04.) You can see a Facebook video of before and after the renovation at: https://fb.watch/7vN9-GbEGD/.


Also, a new Data Visualization Lab was installed in Todd Wehr Hall, which will be a great asset for the math and computer science departments. 


Q: What steps is Ripon College taking to make sure students attending the fall semester are protected from the COVID-19 virus?


A: All students are required to have both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine by Oct. 1. Students were able to, however, seek a waiver from the vaccination for health, religious or strongly held philosophical reasons. Students who choose to not receive a COVID-19 vaccination — for whatever reason — are required to test regularly for COVID-19. Per NCAA and Midwest Conference guidelines, unvaccinated student-athletes are required to test more frequently in order to be allowed to participate in intercollegiate sports.



Lab Equipment Donation: Luxerin Laboratories, LLC of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin donated more than $54,000 in equipment, chemicals, glassware, textbooks and supplies to Ripon.

Celebrating the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy: Ripon College’s largest outdoor classroom turns 25 this year. This is the 130-acres west of the Willmore Center that was established in 1996 as the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy Project, a partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The aim has been to restore this tract of land to the way it was before Wisconsin was settled. Emeritus Professor of Biology George “Skip” Wittler continues as the director of the project.


Commencement 2021 was held on May 16, 2021 (in a somewhat modified format due to COVID), Ripon College awarded diplomas to 142 members of the Class of 2021. The Commencement theme was “Wisconsin Music: Riffs from the Heartland.” 


Badger Boys State is moving. After 75 years of holding the annual Badger Boys State at Ripon College each summer, the organization is moving its event to University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. The decision was made due to financial advantages for Badger Boys. The organization received bids for the program from nine different colleges and universities. 


The National Science Foundation Grant has awarded a four-year grant valued at $100,000 to Emeritus Professor of Biology Bob Wallace to continue his study of the ecology and evolution of rotifers.


Poetry Published: Associate Professor of English Megan Gannon had some of her poetry published in two literature journals: Atlantic Review and Willow Springs.



ROBERT “CHRIS” DOLLOFF ’69 of Belfast, Maine, died on April 16, 2021. He was originally from Foxboro, Massachusetts, and studied Chemistry and French at Ripon. He later became a Partner in the Legacy. He was an internationally award-winning chocolate chemist and Quality Control expert at “The Chocolate Factory” of The Merckens Chocolate Co. in Mansfield, Massachusetts. He formulated the cocoa for the Oreo cookie and for Newman’s Own chocolate products. He had a broad range of interests including word games, anthropology, history and trivia. He enjoyed cats, complex woodworking projects, the culinary arts, genealogy and music, playing guitar and keyboard.


NOTE: CHRIS is the twenty-fourth member of the class whose passing has been recorded by the College.


PETER CHOBANIAN of Madison, Wisconsin, who was a librarian at Lane Library from 1962-1994, died on April 4, 2021. He was an avid and lifelong student of the humanities studying history, literature, and the arts. From Italian operas to Broadway shows, he loved to sing. He also published his own short stories and poems.


Here’s all the news and photos I received from class members. I love hearing from you guys.


FRANK ANDERS ’69 and BOBBI SUESS ANDERS ’69 of Chesterfield, Virginia, write: “In May, BOBBI and I had a visit with DAVE LEACH ’69 who was passing through Richmond, Virginia, on his way home to Arizona. Our warm weather here in Virginia has not impeded us having multiple rounds of golf every week. We had a two week trip to California in June for our son’s wedding and spent a day in the Pebble Beach area with Jim and NANCY WADLEY KEOUGH ’67 and with JUDY JONES ’69, culminating with a great Italian dinner in Monterrey.” Pictured here from left to right are JUDY JONES ’69, NANCY WADLEY KEOUGH ’67, Jim Keough, BOBBI SUESS ANDERS ’69, and FRANK ANDERS ’69 in Monterrey, California in June 2021. 


MARK BAUER ’69 of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, emailed this news: “I am enjoying time with my wife and family. Our four sons and daughter are all doing well in their respective lives as professionals. All of them have wonderful educations. As for traveling, the latest edition of coronavirus, “delta,” has put a skid and halt to travel abroad. We had a Viking cruise around Iceland scheduled but it got cancelled. Maybe next year (or a decade after the entire Greek alphabet soup of viruses has been met). Our latest grandchild, our first granddaughter, is two. I haven’t talked to anyone directly, but STAN “PINEAPPLE PRINCE” OBREY ’69 and I frequently get together on Facebook for some friendly political discussions. I haven’t been to the Ripon campus since our reunion. No new hobbies have really been needed; the old ones are still keeping me busy. I still have a home adjacent to a conservancy, replete with wandering animals into our backyard (possums, squirrels, deer in great numbers, wild turkey, etc.). The highlight for summer time is probably getting to our small condo in Elkhart Lake. Google it. It is a beautiful small lake by the town of the same name (population listed as 967). There’s even a golf course across the street. I’m hoping all is well with all of you. Get yourself a KN95 mask. They are the best.”


RICK BRANDT ’69 of Tallahassee, Florida, supplied this news: “I did a post-COVID breakout road trip for three months from mid-May to mid-August ’21. I visited JEFF SCHEFERMAN ’69 and his wife, CAROL ENGLE SCHEFERMAN ’70, in Houston for a few days, saw an Army buddy in Las Vegas for a month, friends and relatives in the LA area including BARRY MORTON ’69 and his wife, Jane, at their cabin at Big Bear Lake above San Bernardino, friends and my daughter Catherine’s family (who were in town on their own road trip) in Rockford, Illinois, and my daughter Allison and her one month old newborn in Greenville, South Carolina. Along the way I revisited some of my favorite roads including the Angeles Crest Highway in California, Utah routes 14, 143 and 12, Colorado routes 65 (over Grand Mesa) and 92 (along the north rim of the Gunnison canyon), Tennessee route 129 (the Deals Gap road) and North Carolina route 28. I did this all in an Audi S4, which was a nice way to do it.” 


LINDA HOUSTON CANNIZZO ’69 of Grafton, Wisconsin, has this news: “A highlight of post-vaccine life was a visit with ANNE SHILLINGLAW ’69 and NANCY GONIA BAJOREK ’69 in Chicago in May (see photo). With culture (Van Gogh and Monet exhibits), walks in Lincoln Park and downtown, and laughs and wine along the way, it felt like “before times.” My accomplishment of quarantine time is a current streak of 489 days of French lessons on Duolingo. It seems to be sticking a little better than the two years I struggled through at Ripon! Sam and I did our two month snowbird on Hilton Head last year. We figured we could isolate as well as at home, but with warmer walks. Plus there was golf and outdoor pickleball. Now we’re looking forward to a Road Scholar trip to Maine and New Hampshire in September.” 


DON CHESTER ’69 of Palm Beach, Florida, writes: “It was great to finally get out of the house and see friends I hadn’t seen in more than a year. However, things changed dramatically in July. In the words of the great philosopher, Yogi Berra, “it’s déjà vu all over again.” St. Mary’s Medical Center and the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital are back to multiple COVID only units, restricting visitors and the hospital tents are back in the parking lot outside the adult and children’s ERs. An indication we needed, “a bigger boat.” On the lighter side of the news from Florida, the annual python hunt just ended. The largest captured was 15′ 9″. A word to the wise – if you decide to go trail riding while visiting Florida, try not to fall off your bike on top of a nesting alligator. It’s one of those things we don’t tell you about in the travel brochures.”


BOB FERNBACH ’69 of Castle Pines, Colorado, says: “We have only taken two trips! One trip was with BARRY MORTON ’69 and his wife Jane to visit Mesa Verdi and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks in western Colorado; the other was to the Pacific Northwest to visit our daughter and other relatives. We plan another two or three trips before year’s end, COVID permitting. Our son just visited for a week, which we are very grateful for. Other than that, we have been following news, playing music, watching movies, etc.” 


BILL GEBHARDT ’69 of Portage, Wisconsin, sent this news: “SUE HECHT GEBHARDT ’70 and I have finally moved to our new home in Portage, Wisconsin. Not everything is totally done but we are living there. It’s been a long time since we started building it… almost a year ago. We’re happy to be out of Illinois and call ourselves Wisconsin residents. We’re only about an hour from Ripon.”


DEBBIE HAMELE KUKLA ’69 of Carmel, Indiana, sent this update: “In early August, my husband, TOM KUKLA ’70, and I met with two former students of mine from a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were in my advanced English class and ten years later were married. My students were MIKE MODL ’77 and PEG LITTLEFIELD MODL ’77; both attended Ripon College at my recommendation. MIKE graduated from Ripon, then went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Texas. MIKE became a partner at the law firm of Axley Brynelson in Madison, Wisconsin as part of the Litigation and Labor and Employment Practice Groups. He focused on federal court litigation regarding intellectual property, employment, insurance, defense of civil rights and many other constitutional claims areas. He has been named ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by Best Lawyers (2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2014) and has earned multiple awards on Best Lawyers in America lists as well as Wisconsin Super Lawyer lists. I wanted to share this because I am so proud of MIKE; he was an exceptional student and one of Ripon’s great success stories. His achievements are a reflection of his hard work, dedication to learning, excellent critical thinking skills, and his exposure to what a liberal arts education like Ripon provides. Also, during the pandemic, TOM and I purchased a Florida condo on Longboat Key and will be enjoying several months during the winter luxuriating on the Gulf! The welcome mat is always out for our fellow Ripon alums!”


ALICE HALL HAYES ’69 of Washington, D.C., writes: “So hard to believe that COVID is still controlling our lives with the broadening of the COVID variant. Two steps forward and four steps back for our country. One of the joys for us is having our one year old granddaughter, Josephine, and her family visiting our home for the Fourth of July weekend for the first time ever. More recently, my husband, Ed, and I checked off an item from our bucket list namely taking a trip to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Hearing the Boston Pops at Tanglewood was a real delight. We also visited the Norman Rockwell Museum and Studio. Enroute home, we visited historic Philadelphia. Last week, we were happy to visit Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and relax in Rehoboth with friends. Great weather, seafood, and we even got to see President Biden’s beach home. Looking ahead, we definitely plan to get the COVID booster shot as soon as it is available. Stay well, everyone!”


DAVE LEACH ’69 of Mesa, Arizona, provided this news: “I got together with FRANK ANDERS ’69 and BOBBI SUESS ANDERS ’69 in June for dinner when I was in the D.C. area. Also, I had an awesome day with my son at the Udvar Air and Space Museum and a day at the Museum of the Bible in D.C. I can highly recommend both for a day’s exploration. I have done a couple of cross country drives returning rented motor coaches to Phoenix, it might become a side gig. I have discovered personally that RV stands for “Ruined Vacation,” as my coach is in the shop when I should be exploring the great Northwest (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah). Hopefully, I will get at least a short trip once the coach recovers. I’ve been in contact with STAN OBREY ’69 who is moving to the Phoenix area about an hour from me, so we may be getting together occasionally for an adult beverage (possibly imported from the highlands). Other than that, I am happily semi-retired in Mesa, Arizona, doing a real estate thing and trying to take care of all my awesome tenants. I’m planning to go to Israel in December of 2022 to take the trip that COVID canceled in 2020. Hopefully, things will have settled down by then. I hope to do some more RV trips and perhaps get to Florida and the Midwest to see (and eat and drink with) old friends and fraternity brothers.” Pictured here is DAVE in Mesa, Arizona from April 2021. 


ARTHUR “SANDY” LEE ’69 of Bristol, Rhode Island, provided this news: “Helen and I are spending the summer in Maine on Frenchman Bay with three daughters and eight grandchildren. (I think I’ll need a vacation from vacation!) My eldest daughter is a gastroenterologist at Mt. Sinai in New York City doing pancreatic cancer research. Her significant other is a liver transplant specialist and her middle daughter is a pulmonary intensivist doing global research on the impact of air pollution on women, fetuses, and infants at Mt. Sinai. Her husband is an EP Cardiologist. Their youngest daughter is a physical therapist and the one I need most for age-related aches and pains! She now is working at a VT charitable foundation. It seems VT has multiple career tracks. Both doctor daughters and their partners were on COVID duty last spring and summer in NYC. It’s a tough duty especially for my daughter who ran a ward of all long-term intubated patients. My physical therapist daughter was doing physical therapy in the school system, but stopped because of close physical contact. COVID is very real in this family! 


“For the past ten years I’ve been volunteering at Herreshoff Marine Museum leading a team to build a one-sixth scale 37’ tall fine-scale model of the largest America’s Cup winner 1903 Reliance. I took the model to a museum in Flensburg, Germany to display it just before COVID. The team also restored 1892 Wee Winn which won a UK title against the lads with Miss Winnifred Sutton at helm. We are now completing the restoration of a steam plant to go in a 28’ replica steam launch. Steam plant restoration has got me shanghaied for a day on a coal fired 1890 German buoy tender and another day at restoration of MEC steam locomotive! I retired a decade ago from Aerospace CFO and then a large global consulting firm business. I threw away my business books and never looked back. Meanwhile Helen has built a business ranging from weaving to basket-making with some regional, national, and global recognitions. Beautiful Nantucket style baskets with a modern flair. When COVID is under control we’ll take a much anticipated 50th anniversary trip.”


DAVE LEE ’69 and SUE STEGER LEE ’69 of Appleton, Wisconsin, sent in this news: “DAVE is nearing the completion (notice that he didn’t say ‘the end’) of his two-year clinical trial for prostate cancer – so far, so good. He has found that lots of my friends have similar issues. It hits the Class of ’69 age group, guys – get your PSA checked annually. Our grandson, Ian, had pledged to do a ten mile swim across Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin if he raised more than $50,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – he raised more than $56,000 in seven weeks and successfully did the swim on a windy day in June! Our nine-year-old grandson, Ezra, can name the elements in 43 seconds! We asked him if he knew what the elements in the first column have in common – his response was that of course they all have one electron in their outer shell – this should make our chemistry compatriots smile! CHIP RETSON ’69 and DAVE spent an unforgettable evening a few months back talking with a high school buddy who was about to die from Agent Orange-related lymphoma. It meant a lot to the three of us – hopefully, we can meet again in the distant future. Both of us will be resuming our Lions Club vision screening program this fall for 13,000 Appleton area students. SUE became president of our Appleton Noon Lions Club this summer. Looking forward to seeing Ripon classmates and community soon – we miss you all!!!”


TOM MACE ’69 of Menasha, Wisconsin tells us: “Nancy and I took a Viking Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam in August. First trip in over a year.” Pictured here is TOM and his wife, Nancy, in Prague, Czech Republic from August 2021.


BARRY MORTON ’69 of Laguna Hills, California, supplied this update: “Jane and I still live in Laguna Hills in Orange County California, though are now spending more than half our time at our nearby cabin overlooking Big Bear Lake, at 6,750 feet elevation. In February/March 2020, we got vaccinated and spent much more time at the cabin, remote relative to the lower coastal area of SoCal. There are four seasons at that elevation, so we take walks year-round, kayak in the warmer months and snowshoe when the ground is covered with the white fluffy stuff we remember from Ripon-time. Then, given all that physical activity, after letting my belt out one notch, then two, I bought a new belt. RICK BRANDT ’69 stopped at the cabin for a fun summer day of kayaking, eating and catching up on all sorts of conversation before he headed off the next morning to his next visit with friends. He hasn’t changed a bit, but then neither have any of us. We have seven grandkids now and saw them much less than we’d have liked in those early COVID months but are catching up now. The two youngest are 30-month-old twins. We see them the most because that’s where a bit of grandparent assistance seems to be the most helpful. Other grands are 22 years old down to 12. Happily, they all live less than two hours away! Just before the shut-down [who knew that was coming] we visited my son and his fiancé in Switzerland at Christmastime 2019. What a beautiful country, and they’re a very happy and satisfied couple. In March of this year, we traded an eight-year-old Outback for a new one. We hit the timing just as used car values were surging, but before the new car prices jumped for lack of computer parts. We already have 12,000 miles on the new car having traveled in June to Colorado and neighboring states, hooking up with BOB FERNBACH ’69 and his wife Stacy to visit a few national Parks and stay at their lovely home, and then off again to the Northwest in August where Jane was able to be with all three of her sisters, and to catch up with friends. We’ll be in Boston for Thanksgiving with my sister and brother-in-law and their two new grands from their son and daughter. Assuming it’s Covidly possible, we’re signed up to take a self-piloted canal boat trip from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Scotland in the spring with friends. Then see the Lake District and the very quaint Cotswolds. When we think of all the pain – past and continuing – from the epidemic, we feel blessed in how the past 18 months have been for us and our families. We hope the same was true for all of you!”


SCOTT NYQUIST ’69 and CYNTHIA SANBORN NYQUIST ’69 of Naples, Florida, report this: “We have not done much in the last six months. We celebrated 53 years of marriage in March at home with a bottle of champagne. Our only “trip” was a drive to Venice, Florida (90 miles) in May to have lunch with some friends then drive back home. SCOTT helped his brother move into an apartment in Ft. Myers, Florida in August. Both his brother and his sister now live less than an hour away. CYNTHIA continues her hobbies of gardening and crocheting and knitting. She studies German for one-to-two hours every day using DuoLingo. (She just passed 365 straight days of this activity.) SCOTT is looking forward to an October get-together with seven fraternity brothers in Siesta Key, Florida. We are both disappointed we will – again – be unable to make our annual August trip to Germany to see our daughter and granddaughter. That’s two years in a row. Thank goodness for FaceTime and Zoom calls. We were able to watch our granddaughter open her birthday presents in July as she celebrated her tenth birthday.”


SCOTT OLIVER ’69 of Omaha, Nebraska, sent this update: “Barbara and I have been home bodies over the last year, getting to know all the neighborhood dog walkers while out with our Scottish terriers. So, some good comes of sticking around our Omaha neighborhood. Fortunately, SCCA autocross, a very outdoor sport, has continued most events this year. So, I’ve been driving from Omaha to Lincoln, Nebraska, to race around (and over) cones in the hot sun. Still hoping for a ski season depending on pandemic conditions.” (Here’s a photo of SCOTT from August 2021.)


KATHY SOMMER RAMSEY ’69 of The Woodlands, Texas, sent this email: “I do not do as much moving around as some. I have been in the Houston area for almost a half century (Are we that old? Well maybe you, but not me.) Family is here, so no real reason to leave home these days. I have already been to a lot of places. Since we last communicated which was, well, a long time ago, I have two major endeavors at this time. One is as a part time chaplain at a local hospital. (Did I miss telling you I graduated from seminary? Some time ago, actually). I also teach a number of university classes online. One is Biblical Literature and the other Nutrition. (Different degrees and different universities). I am blessed with both opportunities to serve. What I would really like is for this pandemic stuff to be over with. I want my life back! But, this one is a pretty good substitute.”

CHIP RETSON ’69 of Aiken, South Carolina, says: “My news is that I headed out on August 26 with my trailer to spend several weeks touring the southern shores of Lake Superior. The trip was timed to end with me attending the Ripon Alumni Board Meeting Sep 23-25 during which I stayed at a campground in Green Lake. The Alumni Board meeting went well, and I had a great time!”


JOHN RICCIARDI ’69 of Raleigh, North Carolina, writes: “We are having a great summer as we FINALLY got to see our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids who were able to leave Saudi Arabia and travel to Raleigh, North Carolina for vacation. While Zoom, WhatsApp, and FaceTime were much appreciated during COVID, there’s nothing like being able to hug those you love! My son and daughter now both own condos next to ours, so as our neighbors say, the Ricciardi mafia is taking over! In May, I received The William C. Friday Award from the NCSU Association of Retired Faculty for Distinguished Service in Retirement. They recognized me for my volunteer involvement with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.”


BOB “OTTO” WACHHOLTZ ’69 of Papillion, Nebraska, announces: “My bride and I plan to escape to New Hampshire in August for some lake time, eating steamed lobsters and clams (I hope) and feeding the mosquitoes, unless the Delta variant causes another lock down. She then plans to go on a Switzerland tour with a high school pal who also lives nearby in New Hampshire. I haven’t gotten vaccinated so I have to return to Nebraska while she hobnobs with the European elites.”


JILL ALEXANDER WILLIAMS ’69 of Snohomish, Washington, sent this update: “I was lucky enough to get to fly to Sitka and Ketchikan, Alaska in early June before the cruise ships were operating and when there was little COVID. Sitka is beautiful and we were able to kayak out around some of the islands in the area. We also took a float plane trip from Ketchikan into the amazing Misty Fjords National Monument. It is a huge, very rugged area with fjords and lakes and no roads.” Pictured here is JILL ALEXANDER WILLIAMS ’69 with her husband, Dick. It was taken in June 2021 at the Misty Fjords National Monument near Ketchikan, Alaska.


JOHN WOLFE ’69 of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, sent in this news: “I just back from a small adventure cruise of the inside passage in SE Alaska. Travel is still dicey in the airports but aboard all were vaccinated and being very careful. Fantastic! I’d recommend to anyone who wants to see the largest temperate rainforest on earth and lots of wildlife – whales, sea lion colonies, otters, bald and golden eagles, bear tracks but no bears sighted, lots of aquatic bird species.” 


And in Conclusion . . .

Ripon College (and I) would like to thank all of the members of our class who sent a gift to the College in the past year. Some of you donated more than once! Thank you! Thank you! Also, some additional class members have included a bequest to Ripon in their estate plan. Outstanding! If you would like to give to Ripon, you can visit the College’s website, www.ripon.edu, or call the Advancement Office at 920-748-8351. You can give unrestricted, allowing the College to use your gift where most needed; or you can direct where your gift is to be used: scholarships, endowment, faculty, building fund, library, athletics, etc. You can also give in memory of a favorite professor or a classmate. You can give annually or have a gift sent to Ripon monthly from your bank account. Ripon College accepts cash or credit card payments (and probably even bitcoin). You can also give a gift of stock or any of your other assets. Please support Ripon College by making a gift.


Keep in touch. 


Always for Ripon,




P.S. If you need an email address or street address to reconnect with a roommate, fraternity brother/sorority sister, lab partner, fellow ROTC cadet, contact me.


P.P.S. I’ve been asked if there will be a 55-year Reunion for our Class in 2024. If you are interested, let me know. I’ll be discussing this with the College and it would be helpful to say I’ve received multiple requests to hold this event.



Here is the list of Ripon College presidents. Did you know that a portrait of each hangs in Lane Library?


William E. Merriman 1863-1876 Clark G. Kuebler 1943-1954

Edward H. Merrell 1876-1891 Fred O. Pinkham 1955-1965

Rufus Cushman Flagg 1892-1901 Bernard S. Adams 1966-1985

Richard Cecil Hughes 1901-1909 William R. Stott Jr. 1985-1995

Silas Evans 1910-1917 Paul B. Ranslow 1996-2002

Henry Coe Culbertson 1918-1920 David C. Joyce 2003-2011

Silas Evans 1921-1943 Zach P. Messitte 2013-2021


P.S. If you need an email address or street address to reconnect with a roommate, fraternity brother/sorority sister, lab partner, fellow ROTC cadet, contact me.

TRIVIA: Top 10 Majors of the Class of 1969:

History 40

Chemistry 18

Economics 24

French 14

Biology 23

Philosophy 14

Psychology 22

Political Science 10

Mathematics 20

Art 8

Source: Class of 1969 Commencement Program