1967 – Spring ’22 Class Letter

Greetings, Class of 1967!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What are you doing for others?” 
           – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy almost Spring!

Here in North Carolina, the weather has been like a ping pong ball. It was 70 and sunny yesterday, and cold and rainy today. Me thinks there is truth to climate change!

I imagine many of you continue to follow Marie Kondo’s decluttering advice. Donating your treasures is one way to help others in need. Another really good way to help others is by donating to the Ripon Fund. Over the years your generous contributions have enabled many students to graduate. As they pursue meaningful careers they in turn are able to contribute to others in many ways. And, so it goes on and on making our world a better place.

While perusing the internet, I discovered the city of Ripon has been a finalist for a “Great American Street.” There seems to be a resurgence of many new shops and restaurants. However, there were two that looked familiar – Red’s Bar and Miller’s Tavern. Dare I say many of you may have fond memories and pride of times spent in each one! You will have an opportunity to relive those memories during our 55th (whew!) Reunion June 23-26! Please mark your calendar and make your reservations. If you have any requests for activities or ideas, PLEASE let me know.

And now for some class notes from our fellow classmates:

BILL NEILL ’67 and JUDY WILKINSON NEILL ’67 of Ripon, Wisconsin, are looking forward to renewing old friendships. Depending on the weather they have offered to host a gathering during the weekend. As usual, they have joined the other snowbirds in Florida for the winter months.

Wanting permanently warm and sunny weather was the incentive for KAREN BRO STOPPS ’67 and her husband to move to Savannah, Georgia. Before moving they took a cross-country car trip stopping to see friends and family along the way.

Also living in the sunny Peach State is MIKE MILLER ’67 of Ringgold, Georgia. He has been married for 54 years and has two children living nearby along with a fifteen-year-old grandson. So many of us are fortunate to live fairly close to our children and grandchildren. Times spent with family is precious indeed.

TOPHER SMALL ’67 and COLLEEN DURKIN SMALL ’67 of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, had a five-day family reunion on the shores of Lake Michigan. They had a great time celebrating high school graduations and one daughter’s 50th birthday.

Those of you who may be Yellowstone fans should watch for Piper Perabo in the upcoming season. Rumor has it she kisses Kevin Costner!

Remember to put our 55th Reunion on your calendar: June 23-26, 2022.

Hope to see you!!

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Your 1967 Class Agent