1967–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Kathy Santimays Dunn

[email protected]

Spring 2018


“There’re only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right way to look, believe, do and mostly live.”

            Dalai Lama


The older I get (and I can’t believe how old I am!) the more I value the gift of another day.


How fortunate we all were to celebrate our 50th Reunion last year. Many of you may be joining your “younger” spouses this June as they enjoy a 50 year reunion. Though try as hard as they may I don’t think they can top ours!


Our generation seems to understand the importance of keeping active and fit. Take for example DICK WRIGHT ’67 who bravely still participates in triathlons! He actually received the Incredible Hunk award at our reception. LUCY BROOKS WRIGHT ’67 keeps her amazingly youthful appearance with Pilates, Jazzercise, and yoga.


BILL ’67 and JUDY ’68 WILKINSON NEILL are escaping Wisconsin winter weather by enjoying some weeks on Anna Maria Island. After spending a lot of time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Florida is a very well-deserved sojourn.


KARON BRO STOPPS ‘67 and husband Malcolm continue to enjoy their five grandchildren. A trip to Mexico with two of them was an aquatic adventure. Perhaps a vacation after the vacation was needed!


LARRY and BARB LASCODY have also enjoyed vacations with their two daughters’ families, most recently a cruise to celebrate their anniversaries.


Suffice it to say all the grandchildren of our classmates seem to be the smartest, most athletic, most beautiful, most handsome and kindest children ever created – at least according to their grandparents.


Speaking of grandchildren some of yours are beginning to look at colleges. Of course I’m sure you are encouraging them to visit Ripon.


I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the advantages of a liberal arts education (WSJ-Opinion page-March 3-4). The following quote particularly stood out to me as a summation of liberal arts at Ripon.


“Liberal arts courses don’t offer clearly defined answers to questions. Rather, they nurture disagreements among students and help them develop the ability to marshall cogent arguments in support of defensible positions. The ability to express a viewpoint verbally and then articulate it in writing is skill that will serve graduates whether they are pitching a business plan to a venture-capital firm or writing a report to shareholders explaining why their portfolios took a hit last quarter.”


In my opinion some majors (at other schools) hyper focus on one area and don’t integrate it with the whole.


Clearly we all made the right choice by attending Ripon. Our successful careers, friendships, and families were all positively influenced by that decision.


Have a happy, healthy spring!