1967 – Fall ’21 Class Letter

1967 – Fall 2021 Class Letter


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“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”  – Maya Angelou

Happy 2022 to you! I’m sure we are all thankful for a semi-return to normalcy after the dreaded COVID ups and downs of the last months. I’m very thankful the vaccine and its booster made it possible.

I’m also extremely thankful for the updates and news shared by some of you!

DON ’67 and KATHY BROWN BARNHART ’68 live in Huntsville, Alabama as do their daughters. That makes it easy for grandma and grandpa to see their grandchildren frequently. Despite the deterioration of our infrastructure, DON was able to retire after a 27-year career in the municipal pipeline rehabilitation industry. KATHY joined DON in retirement after serving as chef at HudsonAlpha Institute’s Jackson Center. Neither rested on their laurels but instead started new endeavors. KATHY and her youngest daughter opened a women’s thrift clothing business. I’m sure their shop is thriving during these times. Perhaps influenced by Dr. Breithaupt’s art history class, DON discovered a latent interest in painting. He primarily does landscapes. I’m sure he’s really talented as he received a request for his first commissioned painting!

We all know what a hipster GEORGE GITCHO ’67 is. Now it’s official as he had a hip replacement this past year. I’m sure many of you can relate!

DICK KUEHL ’67 suggests we start downsizing or at least get rid of “stuff.” He realized this was a good idea after moving this summer. Unfortunately, it was one of the hottest days of the year and a downpour also ensued!! Then, just before closing a tree fell on their dock but thankfully it was repaired in the nick of time! What luck!

NANCY WADLEY KEOUGH ’67 became a third-time grandma when her son and his wife welcomed a girl – May Grace.

KEN KALIHER ’67 had a great reunion after 40 years with fellow Sigma Chi, DAVID FRANCO ’68DAVID retired to Tampa, Florida and KEN lives in Bellingham, Washington. They got together when DAVID and his wife visited their son in Seattle. They all had hoped to visit Vancouver, BC, but the border was closed so they took a few steps into Canada at the Peace Arch Park which straddles the border.

As seems to be the case when Ripon classmates get together after a long absence, time apart vanishes and we’re back to the “good old days.”

You can easily experience this phenomenon this June 23-26 at our 55th Class Reunion! If you would like to help plan something simple and low-key please contact me. Also, if you make your contribution to Ripon College between now and June 30, it will count toward our Class Reunion gift.

Sure to be part of our Class Reunion festivities and adding a laugh (or three) will be DICK ’67 and LUCY BROOKS WRIGHT ’67. They will need a break after all the work they’ve done rehabbing their home and an old school house in Waupaca. They were hoping to get that break on a Danube river cruise. However, it was canceled three times – bummer!  Many of you can probably relate to postponed adventures.

I apologize for this late letter. I could make up a great story about why but, truth be told, it’s a victim of procrastination!

I hope you are all weathering well and looking forward to a spectacular rebound in 2022!