1966 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Dear Class of ’66,

It’s fall and that means a newsletter is coming soon. This has been an eventful year for me, but more about that in the newsletter. Send me what you have been up to, where you’ve traveled to, family info (my granddaughter just started preschool at age three!) and, most importantly, what you have learned.

The best thing about maturing is that the world looks different. Things I thought were infinitely important recede and life just seems transformed. So, I urge you to share your experiences with your classmates.

You can email your information to me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from all of you.


Alumni Weekend 2024 is scheduled for June 20-23, 2023.

Ripon College celebrated its second largest fundraising year ever in fiscal year 2023 with almost $19 million in new gifts and commitments. This contributed to Ripon’s Forever Ripon campaign reaching more than $61 million — more than 80% of its $75 million goal — by the end of the fiscal year on June 30, with two years still remaining in the campaign.

As we look back at our experiences at Ripon, we can all see the benefits we derived from that special time. In some way, the Annual Fund (now the Ripon fund) assisted all of us. It underwrites all aspects of yearly operations, including but not limited to laboratory supplies, technological innovations, library resources, faculty support, financial aid and scholarships, athletics, opportunities to study abroad, the arts and facilities.


Barry ’66