1963-Spring 2019 Class Letter

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Spring 2019

Hi Classmates!


I hope you all are coping with the weather. Here in Michigan the winter started out almost pleasant and mild, but it has turned.


Class Notes:


VERNON CRONEN ’63 of Wilmington, North Carolina, ([email protected]) writes, “I have been teaching a class in Argumentation and Debate in addition to other courses — echoes of Ripon days. Debate is far from my academic specialty, but it is fun to teach and important in the age of Trump’s madness. If that is offensive to some readers, I make no apologies. I am continuing to work on further development of my theory of communication, “Coordinated Management of Meaning” and I am still working on focusing on how to teach systemic ways of asking questions for undergraduates.


Myrna and I have survived the Hurricane that hit Wilmington, North Carolina with relatively minor damage to our house. We had to leave town for two weeks. We are still working on some repairs. UNCW was harder hit. I am able to get back into my office and things are getting mostly back to normal.”


CATHELINE PETRUSCHKE KREFT ’63 of Duluth, Minnesota, ([email protected]) writes, “I just read the winter Ripon magazine. It was interesting to me to see the timeline of teacher education and then to see in the news about Larry Miller. Larry was my education professor. I was the first student teacher in elementary education (1963) and the first to graduate. I feel fortunate to have used this education successfully in Duluth. Greetings to all.”


SUSAN KELLER MATTHES ’63 of Carson City, Nevada, ([email protected]) writes, “Lots of snow here in Carson City – neighbors told us, when we first moved out here back in 2002, that “it melts by 10am” – they just didn’t say how many days it would last! We’ve even had to shovel the stuff!! It’s melting quickly now and the spring flowers are exploding out of the flower beds. The mountains and foothills to our west are still lovely and the ski resorts are jubilant.


It’s back to Utah again this spring – a state that has so much to offer in the way of geology, history, scenery and outdoor activity. We’ve explored most of the Escalante Staircase – now just a bit more time in the Canyonlands and Arches and then it’s on to Flaming Gorge National Park. Last year we drove across to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake – no antelope spotted but a number of buffalo. And the most spectacular sunset ever!


It’s always nice to keep up with the activities of classmates. We wish all good health and happy days.”


LYNN SIEBEL SUNDELIUS ’63 of Kalispell, Montana writes: “I wish I had been cognizant of the dates of the June 21-24 Alumni Weekend when I booked my 3 week trip to Northern Europe! I was looking forward to attending, as the 50th was such fun. Say hi to all for me.”


WAYNE WOLFGRAM ’63 of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, ([email protected]) writes, “My trip to Brisbane, Australia in July to attend my niece’s wedding and a family reunion (all seven Wolfgram siblings were able to attend) went great. I was impressed by the vibrancy and beauty of the city. It seemed that all the people walking around and enjoying the city’s ambiance were young people (of course most everyone else seems young these days).


Some of you may have read the disappointing article in the February 22, 2019 Wall Street Journal: “America’s Disappearing Private Colleges”. The plunging birthrate that occurred after the 2009 recession means there may not be enough students to keep small schools alive. The author predicts the hardest hit areas will be those most populated by private colleges, including those around the Great Lakes. So there may have to be mergers or, at worst, closings.


While donation of funds to the college is vitally important, just as important – maybe more so – is talking up the benefits of attending Ripon to grandchildren, great grandchildren, neighbor kids, etc.


Please inform me or the college of your email addresses and I sure hope to hear from more of you in the future.


A happy spring and summer to you all.