1963–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Spring 2018

Class Agent:
Wayne Wolfgram ’63

313-882-1712 / [email protected]

Hi, Classmates,


Hard to believe, but it’s about to be 55 years since our Saturday, June 8, 1963 graduation day. I hope you are planning to attend Alumni Weekend, June 21-24. Those of us who attended our 50th really enjoyed it.


Class Notes:

JACKIE BLODGETT HUGDAHL ’63 of Hudson, Wisconsin, ([email protected]) writes, “TOM HUGDAHL ’62 & I were on a Columbia & Snake River Cruise last fall & experienced the stories of the Lewis & Clark expedition. A lady sitting next to me at dinner, knowing we were from Wisconsin, said she went to a small college in Wisconsin and wondered if I’d heard of it …. Ripon College. Well, Tom & I both looked at her & said “Oh Yes… Class of ‘62 &‘63 here.” She said Class of ‘64 here. It was nice to meet PAT OSTROM KOHNEN ’64. We reminisced about Ripon during our trip.”

L to R in picture: Tom Hugdahl ’62, Pat Ostrom Kohnen ’64, Jackie Blodgett Hugdahl ’63 and Todd Weber, the naturalist/story teller on board.


SUSAN KELLER MATTHES ’63 of Carson City, Nevada, ([email protected]) writes, “Spring and Fall of 2017 found my husband and I in Oregon and Washington state. We enjoyed the seashore, tidal pools and the might of the Pacific. A special stop at the Tacoma Glass Museum and bridge over the highway featuring some of the works of Dale Chihuly was a real treat. Too much winter/spring snow around Bend and the Newberry Volcano/Crater cut our hiking short. A return trip in September to Newberry Crater and a week’s stay at East Lake gave us time to explore the area and especially the Big Obsidian Flow. Ahh, the might and beauty of Mother Nature! We’re heading out to Arches and Canyonlands soon to do more hiking and some jeep tours of this extraordinary area. Will let you know how this trip went next time. Meanwhile, eat healthy, stay well and get lots of fresh air!”


DAVID NEUBAUER ’63 of Ormond Beach, Florida, ([email protected]) writes, “With my retirement decision behind me, my wife Linda and I have rediscovered our vacation house, which has been used largely by family and friends and others for the past years. It’s been painted and spruced up and I expect we will be taking weeks or months at a time there. A river flows by in the backyard and now I will find if there are any fish in it. It is the most tranquil place. I don’t feel any compulsion to “do” anything. I’ve worked for the last 60 years, so I will do something else now.


So many of my classmates have taken cruises—and so have we— and there will be another next year plus a visit to my cousin in France. This year, a neighbor offered us their condo in Maui in September. We accepted as we’ve never been to Hawaii and look forward to vacationing and also visiting our son in Los Angeles en route and my brother JOHN NEUBAUER ’63 in San Diego. Meanwhile, our children and granddaughter delight us. Our calendar looks so much different now than a year ago. Good different.”


JOHN NEUBAUER ’63 of Solana Beach, California, ([email protected]) writes, “I created a 501(c)(3), The San Diego Neuroendocrine Tumor Support Group, a California Benefits Corporation (meaning we do not solicit funds outside of California) that educates medical professionals and new patients of a slow growing but problematic mid-gut cancer. In a short 3 years, we have almost 300 members who seek more knowledge of their condition, referrals to doctors, range of treatments, etc. We champion the hospitals of UCLA, Cedar Sinai Medical Center, City of Hope, Stanford University Medical Center among others. We and our related organizations hold meetings almost weekly somewhere in California and invite leading national medical experts to present to our groups. We underwrite their expenses as the sole expense of our nonprofit.


Our education at Ripon was just a catalyst for life afterwards. We are grateful for life’s outlook instilled in us by the school.”


LES PERRY ’63 of Jacksonville, FL ([email protected]) writes: “Nice to hear from you, Wayne. It has been awhile. Since Ripon, I went to the University of Wisconsin and graduated in Civil Engineering. Spent 37 years with the US government working for NOAA. Served as officer and performed hydrographic surveys on the East Coast and for a potential track for laying a transAtlantic cable line to Spain. Was sent to army flight school and flew aerial photography for five years. One season landed in 47 states. Finished government career in Washington DC. Retired in 1999. I keep busy with golf, woodworking, and a little travel. Have two children from first marriage: Ted – Medical Doctor in Dallas, and Christy – managing clinical trials from D.C. Very happily married to Sandy.”


Note: Les left for Madison after his Freshman year at Ripon where he was a fellow pledge of Delta Upsilon.


LYNN SIEBEL SUNDELIUS ’63 of Kalispell, Montana, ([email protected]) writes, “I wish I had been cognizant of the dates of the June 21-24 Alumni Weekend when I booked my 3 week trip to Northern Europe! I was looking forward to attending, as the 50th was such fun. Say hi to all for me.”


CAROLYN QUILLING WOLF ‘63 of Valencia, California, ([email protected]) writes, “Tom and I are still enjoying our life at the Belcaro 55 and over living area. We’ve met many new friends and enjoy bocce ball, parties, book clubs, exercise classes, dance classes, etc. Tom is still working but might retire later this year. We visit our daughter and grandchildren who live in the Bay area a few times a year.”


Have a great spring and I hope to see you all at our 55th reunion – June 21-24!