1960 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Dear Class of 1960,

I hope that more of you will drop an email to me and tell me what you are doing now even if it is just sitting in your backyard with a beer. As for myself, other than a trip to San Diego to escape the heat in Scottsdale, I have just been simmering in the sun.


KARL PIOTROWSKI ’60 safely lives on Oahu but has business on Maui. Several of his employees had houses burned and one had a house and boat destroyed. Karl and his company do inspection work in Lahaina. There should be a lot to do. Karl will be celebrating his 85th birthday in Chicago with his family at a Packers-Bears football game.

KEN LUBER ’60’s latest play, “Esperanza,” was produced in April in California. Ken wrote the lyrics and music. Check his website for more news.


HARRY “SPIKE” SNYDER ’60 of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, died February 23, 2023. Among many roles, he was a Wisconsin State Representative, Circuit Court Judge of Waukesha Count, and Judge for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. For more information, view Harry’s full obituary here.

MARVIN “BUDD” HUMPHREY ’60 of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, died June 23, 2023. He worked at Inland Mine Boat Company and then for Stuart Tank Sales in Elkhart as salesman, business partner and president. For more information, view Marvin’s full obituary here.

Your Class Agent,

Deb ‘60