1955 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Art Lundeberg

520-296-9281 / [email protected]


Dear Class of 1955: This will be my last Class Agent letter. During the years, I have tried to write articles that would appeal to our times at Ripon. I have received several email comments (and phone calls) commenting on the letters, which I have greatly appreciated and welcomed. However, I was disappointed in the lack of response to the spring letter re: going home for Christmas from Ripon. I had hoped that would have been fun and of interest to us. 

I do thank FRANCES JOANNES WINANS ’55 and BILL IHSSEN ’55 for their comments, as requested in the letter, but those were the only responses I received. I also thank everyone in our class who took the time to send me an email during the past years. I always looked forward to hearing from  everyone. I enjoyed renewing old friendships.

As always, I wish a very happy Christmas and holiday season to all.